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GoodMigrations exists to help consumers make good choices when it comes to picking an international mover. But we also want to help all the honest, hard working moving companies and removalists out there.

Here's why you should create a free company profile now: 

  • Make it easy for people to find you
  • Companies that have more reviews will be viewed as more trustworthy
  • Actual customer reviews will stunt the use of fly-by-night movers who take business by providing ridiculously low quotes and give a bad name to the industry
  • Build social proof with customers, who overwhelmingly take to the web to determine a company's reputation
  • Find out what frustrations customers have so you can fix them and become even better!
  • We educate customers about the moving process. Educated customers are good customers. You're less likely to run into issues if the customer knows what he or she is doing
  • It's FREE!

If your moving company already has a profile on GoodMigrations*
Moving companies are added to our site both by staff and when users post a review about a company. If your company is already listed on the site, you can claim it to manage the account and make sure it shows the proper details. Please contact us and we will transfer the account to you.

If your moving company does not have a profile on GoodMigrations*
GoodMigrations is the premier way for users to find reputable moving companies and removalists who provide international moving services. To make sure you don't miss out on this traffic, create an account by clicking on the link below. Creating an account is completely FREE.
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*Important Policy on Company Profiles
In the spirit of accountability and to ensure GoodMigrations remains relevant to users, there can only be one company profile per brand, regardless of whether the company has franchises, subsidiaries, or separate corporate structures in other countries.

A consumer does not know and does not care whether ABC Moving Company Pty in England is the same as ABC Moving Company Gmbh in Germany. If they have the same brand name, they are the same company to the consumer.

The only exception for this rule is when companies are in fact completely separate and simply have the same name by coincidence. Duplicate company profiles will be merged into one by our staff.

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