About Us

We're expats, just like you. After our own difficulty finding a reputable international mover, we started GoodMigrations to help take the stress out of moving abroad.


Moving your life from one country to another is an expensive and potentially stressful undertaking, so it pays to get it right the first time. GoodMigrations helps you find a mover or removalist in your part of the world and provides actual customer reviews so you can see how the movers performed. 


Each mover/removalist is rated on the three most important aspects of an international move, what we call the
Cost/Time/ConditionSM metric:

  • Cost: Was your stuff delivered on budget?
  • Time: Was it delivered on time?
  • Condition: Was it delivered damage-free?


We make it easy to request quotes from the movers you like, compare the quotes they provide and book a move all in one secure place.


We are completely independent and have no affiliation with any moving company so we can provide unbiased information.